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tv   7 News at 5 PM  ABC  January 28, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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other two. >> for the first time, the emergency responders who rescued a teenager from an eyesy pond are talking about the evening. one of the boys survived. two others did not make it. >> jason, you spoke to that officer, who you is he doing? >> reporter: as you can imagine, officer tray says it's difficult to process. this is the end result, a memorial in front of the pond that three teens went into two weeks ago. no one want to think about what could have happened if he wasn't there. he was physicist on the scene that -- first on the scene that night. two and a half minute after the call was placed. but he only saw one boy on the surface of the water. he grab add tree bbanch and pulled cole robinson to shore saving his life. it with a branch trying to break it up and find the other two boys and couldn't. >> i couldn't see anybody else.
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could have. but you'll always kind of think back and wish you could have done more. drive teams eventually pulled the other two out of the water. night. the other days later. the parker police department is event that's shaken this town here in parker. 3 the police chief said today the department has rdered 75 ropes with throwable devices to be placed in patrol cars to make sure this doesn't happen again. right now, arapahoe county deputies teed your help finding this man. she's considered dangerous. he's accused of assault with a deadly weapon, kidnapping and in connection in a -- with a domestic violence incident. % he's six feat tall and 200 pounds. call lis if you see -- police
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women on alert after an a tack. the first happened last week. >> and then another happened shortly after that and last night another one. lance, are all three cases realitied? >> reporter: safety officials say it's possible but not known. they say the description of the groper is the game. a white male about six feat tall college age. cammus safety officials in all three cases the victims were walking alobe at night when they were approached and force ply froeped. the -- groped. the man took off. they reported them but opted not to fite file a police report. i asked what that means in terms of finding a perpetrator. >> it makes it difficult. you have to follow up with them to get it from their perspective. it akes it difficult but we
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to figure out what's going on. >> reporter: the police tell me they don't have a victim to make to. they haveestepped up patrols. area officials have done the same thing. we're encouraging people to walk in groups. to not be listening to tunes or talking on your cell phones when you're walking alone especially t might. they're also telling authorities or telling campus students that they've arrested car patrols and foot patrols and are telling them they can call for an escort if they need one. reporting live on the campus, >> i say whatever you've got, use it. i think of a little kitten. if you were trying to put it in a bath, what would it do? it would do whatever it took.
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is. using your views. we have great evidence any kind of yelling or doing something really helps in those instances. let's talk weather now because it was a nice warm colorado day today. >> right but the warm weather will be changing soon. >> savor this whale we have t. it's nice out there. the temperatures have been nice and warm. 50s over south ooerp colorado. 30s in 40s in the mountains. there's a winter storm watch it goes tomorrow afternoon into sunday. this is what's bringing in the change. off to the test, increasing moisture off to the west coast. when you move farther to the west, it gets interesting, a lot of clouds going down towards hawaii. that's a pineapple express of moisture coming our way. ca mean a big storm starting sunday and continue into monday.
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douglas county deputies are searching for a man who robbed in parker. they said the man used a gun. he did it the old fashion way. they say that man was wearing a nylon stocking cap and had a beard and mus stopwatch. -- mustache. changes coming to the police department. we're at the downtown jail. >> reporter: the sheriff sums up the changes using this new staffing chart. he says before staff focused on each separate facility lake the jail behind me. now -- like the jail behind me. he wants the staff to focus on the people wwrking here as well as the community. 90 days into his new job,
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what he's up against. but he's ready and has a plan on to prove t. he is first chances in the department will add two new divisions. one focused on operations and another on add man stration. it include a -- administrations. it also includes a new inmate unit. >> coming out with that structure is one of the first pieces we need to have in place in order to move forward. >> reporter: it includes training for the personnel and >> people don't understand whatt we do. i think it's important that they see the work that our deputies do. >> reporter: how important do you thinkth it involve the community >> it's critical. they're a huge part of the we have to work together with them. >> reporter: the vice president of the denver sheriff's union tells me she lacks forward to these -- looks forward to these
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and hopes in the end they'll led to a positive outcome. >> of course the sheriff didn't come up with the chances on his own. the city of denver heard consulting agencies -- hired consulting agencies to help on the restructures of this agency. ten people out of their homes and getting help from the red cross after a firer to through their building. a viewer sent us this video of a fire that broke out in the home. it happened at a transitional -`residents for people who are homeless. one pregnant woman barely made it off savely wiih her family including her four-year-old daughter. >> this is pretty traumatic if she us, but we're resilient. we'll come through this. >> one person was hurt. the cause is under investigation. several firefighters spent their day cleaning up after a house fire on forest estates road which is so it west of the
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the fire broke out overnight. firefighters were able to get it under control quickly when they got on scene but there was serious damage to the home. a man and his dog were inside, but they got out safely. the cause is under investigation. right now, state lawmakerses are taking up the issue of equal pay for women. new bills are amouthpieced to get -- announced today are to get women on the same pay as men. >> reporter: they don't increase pay but they make it more difficult for employers to be secretive about pay. this afternoon, a large group took up the west foyer to create equal paw with equal work. the new deals doesn't deal with pay but knowledge of salaries. the other bill would prevent employers from asking your previous salaries.
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legislature requires any contractor to guurantee equal pay. i asked how that could be monitored. >> what they have to do is show how they pay by occupation and split up by gender by -- by pay ranges. if there's a problem the state can see that. >> reporter: equal pay doesn't mean men and women will make equal salaries. it wiil be based on other factors too. in this week's politics unplugged, we're talking education. marshall and i will be looked hear from local superintend ents about the different policies across the states. if you have a question, tweet polly ticks at the
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we're less than two weeks away from the super bowl. they want to make sure they're rad ready to take on the panthers. >> fans hoping to see the super (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to we need more than
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needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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the broncos are back on the field getting ready for the game. >> after a few days off, they got pack to practice today. >> a few days off to enjoy the championshipship. but now it's on to carolina. as peyton manning said, super bowl 50 in ten dayss we talked to peyton about practice and asked about the last rodeo comment. he said to bill midfield after beating the patriots. he said jokingly that has not been confirmed and he's on to crain. paw ton told us he's not look
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looking at anything past this game. >> our team has focused on staying in the moment. staying in the know one weak at a time. there's lots a collie says you can -- cliches you can dro out there. but temperatures helped me focusing on this -- it's helped me focusing on this weak. let's stay there. ek. let's stay there. coming up at 6:00, we'll hear what peyton had to say about the cur few next week. today they announced the referees for the superbowl. it could be a good sign. the broncos have won every game
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the coin between the cardinals and packers. he had to do it ways because he %- couldn't get the cone to flip. my at 5:00. -- new the 5:00. the practice known as short seeling left thousands of fans out cold during last year's super bowl. we gen talked to the major sites and what are they doing to make sure it doesn't happen again. -` they left brokers out of business and prompted lawsuits. this area, sites have put things in flies prevent it from happening again. for those die-hard fans this is what it's all about. >> it's lake i won the lottery. i did win the lottery. >> reporter: they won the season lottery but not search
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secondary ticket machetes. we talked to both sites on scape. it's it's challenge, it's a huge task for us. >> reporter: last year, those chelseas turn entitled a night mare leaving a lot of fans without tickets. other brockers only offered re -- brokers only offered refunds. it's a practice be known as short selling. brokers sell tickets they don't have a few weeks before the game with plans to buy them closer to the game at a lower praise r. last year prices didn't fall so there's no room to make a profit. poet are only allowing tickets that include the zones in actually asset locations. stub should be requires sell torres drop off hard copy -- sell lors to drop off hard copy tickets.
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spending that money. >> reporter: fans need to be careful with other sellers. >> if there's a deal too good to be true, it probably is. >> some of them have benefit, too, right? >> they offer guarantees. that mean this is something happens, at the very least you'll get your money back but when you're spending that money, you're already there, it's not good enough sometimes. >> that's a lot of money. and apparently more broncos fans are heading to carolina. because travel web site orbits said denver is in the led with more broncos fans heading to the gamm to crain. they're paying a lot to get -- game to carolina. they're paying a lot to get there. flights from carolina went up 64%.
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area to watch the game, stick with us hear on denver7 for your coverage. our coverage starts saturday with an hour long sports special at mean p.m. i'm fly -- at 9:00 p.m. bienvenu and the rest of the game. we'll be will with live coverage out in california leading up to the big game. today marks 30 years sings the challenger disaster when seven nasa crew members diaphragmed it exploded when a -- it exploded when a booster engine fell. they're using this day of remembrance to remember those who killed in the apolll one and columbia disasters. it's the final debate before the caucuses and drurnt won't be there. he's stand -- donald trump won't be there. he's standing his ground.
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evening. world health officials are in emergency mode after the rise of zika va russ hear in the u.s. and -- virus and other parts of the u.s. in the u.s., more than 20 people haae been sedationed in several states. there are 19 cases in puerto rico. president obama met with officials to emphasize the need for the vaccine. >> we talked to the president about the plans for the cdc. >> reporter: they think the u.s. cases were from abroad. pregnant wwmen are being told to avoid those 24 areas. and in some countries they have asked women not to get pregnant until 2018. we have clear skies across the state of colorado.
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d.i.a.. a nice horizon with nothing coming our way. with can look further out in the big picture. there's a cloud cover from hawaii to the east cost. that's sunnies of the change coming our -- signs of change coming our way. it's oing to be quiet the next day or two but will see the precipitation move back into the state. currently with clear sky, 57 downtown but 37 already at the airport. 42% humidity. winds 10 miles per hour. the numbers on thh region. see the numbers dropping back but comfortable in the 44s and 50s. across he state and around the country right now it's a pretty quiet weather pattern. we have a high pressure system that's and corresponded over the four corpers area. cold front moving across the great lakes.
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the beginning of the storm system out to the west. the next 24 hours we'll see the moisture move to montana, a little snow will move in the north wen sections of the state tonight and tomorrow but that will be the first part of it. watch the jet stream. this is the strongest winds here this area in the red and pink. these are powerfully winds off the pacific and that's going to scap the moisture from hawaii to the southwest united states and into colorado. the results will be a big snowstorm sunday night into monday. tonight is quiet. temperatures in the upper 20s in enver. holding to the 30s to the south of us. the mountain areas, most of the readings will be teens, 20s. tomorrow, muchhwarmer weather across the eastern plains but enjoy it for another day or two because that's going to be the end of it. hays will be mostly in the 50s
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27 degrees and career. tomorrow, hey temperature expect to be close to -- high temperature expect to be close to 60. things begin to change as the cold air mustafa in. sunday the snow developments, monday stoics 12 inches of snow -- six to 12 inches of snow. the weekend wwll be the bright spot. >> it's a crazy forecast. look at that. some special athletes are hitting the sploeps at this year's x games. we introduce you to one.
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there's a specialty competitor out there. cody field hit the snow boarding slalom course this afternoon with jaime anderson. he placed fifth out of ten on the 16 date course getting his best carry tame. cody is participated in the special olympicses more than ten areas. he's also played soccer, basketball and volleyball. you can check out the story i did on cody on imagine if your life was changed because of an amputation.
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cleanic is helppng him get back on the slopes. he has two new ski feet. the slalom ski feat is the first prosthetic that quickly pops in and out of the ski binding and eliminates the need for a key bat. -- for a ski boot. >> great form there. better than you and i for sure. >> it's a nice day. >>, yeah, you can get your car washed by tommrrow if you made to.. by monday it will be again... with 40 megs of internet speed from centurylink, a family of four can all be online at the same time,
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yeah, the internet's great, but i think hair and makeup went a little too far. yeah, that's not working. i much prefer the two-day beard, horn-rimmed glasses, just-slept-in-his-car kinda thing. yeah, i miss the rumpled crazy uncle look. okay. be "paul giamatti." that's the essence of this role. feel like a hollywood insider
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